Paint By Numbers Almond Blossoms
Paint By Numbers Almond Blossoms

Paint By Numbers Almond Blossoms

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Who would think that making art would be so easy? With the paint by numbers easy-to-follow instructions it is so much fun to re-create your favorite artists’ masterpieces. For you we have handpicked the best paint by numbers Almond Blossoms by Vincent van Gogh so you can relax, unwind and enjoy drawing.

Follow instructions and apply paint matching the numbers or create your own unique style and decide the drawing turn yourself. Paint alone or with family and friends. Make it a perfect gift or hang on the wall for home decoration.

Painting has two sizes 15.7”x19.7” and 19.7”x25.6". The set includes canvas, acrylic paint and three brushes.


  • Use the paint directly from the container, do not mix the paint with water
  • Match the number on the canvas with the number of the paint
  • Light color paint might not be thick enough to cover figures on the canvas with one layer, double coat will do
  • Wash brushes when you change colors and after use
  • Use small brushes for small painting parts, big brush for bigger areas
  • Close the container lid every time after use to prevent paint from drying

If the paint gets on your cloths, simply wash it with water immediately you noticed it.

  • Material: Canvas
  • Type: Oil Paintings
  • Frame: No Frame
  • Style: Abstract
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Form: One Picture
  • Technics: Hand Painted
  • Paint: Acrylic
  • Two Sizes: 15.7”x19.7” and 19.7”x25.6”
  • Shipping time: 12-30 Business Days

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